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A mojo is a very delicate thing. When it’s activated you feel like you’re on fire and everything just seems to flow in beautiful synchronicity. But losing your mojo is a different story. You lose your edge, you lose your spirit and you start to feel as if you will never get back to the ‘old’ you.

It’s all too easy to succumb to procrastination while you lie on the couch watching episode after episode of Gogglebox. And if your only excitement throughout the week is from either checking lottery tickets or devouring indulgent but crappy food, then it’s time to have a word with yourself.

Is this really what you imagined for yourself when you dreamed of what you would be doing at this age? You most likely pictured yourself in a crisp business suit, looking all fine and shit, walking briskly en route to a meeting. Trim, athletic and glowing, Italian leather briefcase in hand, with a slightly battered look to give it a cool, vintage feel.

What you emulate is what you become but it’s damn hard to get into a good routine when you’re stuck in a rut. You could be working in a boring-ass job to pay bills, feeling lost career wise, or just feeling lazy and uninspired. You couldn’t give less fucks about what you’re eating, how much you’re surfing on the wave of a fruitless Facebook newsfeed or your lack of training that has left you with bingo wings or man boobs. Not pretty is it?

What happens to your brain after you eat an over indulgent, big meal? You feel sleepy and lazy. Basically you feel like a turd because your body is using all it’s energy to actually make one.

But what occurs when you train? The spike in blood flow immediately boosts your brain function. You feel more focused, psyched up and alive. I say this after witnessing guys post workout; needing to immediately throw air punches while hopping from one foot to the other, dodging phantom attacks. It was the eye of the training

Also, exercising on a regular basis pumps up the growth of new brain cells! Pretty, damn exciting if you want to build rather than keep losing them. The new cells increase memory and learning and basically give you a boost compared to those who are suffering from couch-potatoitis. The best part of exercise is that it creates serotonin, which is the molecule of will power. If you are prone to starting things but not being able to finish them, getting pissed off easily or just getting down; then you may have low levels of the good stuff.

But don’t trust science! Instead, refer to our highly comprehensive lab research carried out by myself and my taller half. For one month we decided to pursue a 30 day challenge training regime, that required little time and no gym or equipment. Using the website darebee which I cannot praise enough – we had free, unlimited, access to varied, well thought out and fun routines that included stretching, core work and plenty of sweat.

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Every morning, first thing before breakfast, we would carry out our (less than fifteen minute) training routine.

Week one there was uncertainty, plenty of laughter and muscles that felt as if they had been ripped apart. Pain, but the good kind that makes you feel like a tough mofo who has endured much. Even though I wasn’t that much lighter, I felt really trim. If one of us couldn’t be bothered doing the workout, the other made sure we kept to our routine.

Week two there was a groove. Getting into the zone was fun, we were more familiar with the training process and felt confident. Definition was coming through and it was super motivating. It began to change the way we looked at food. Gone was our craving for chocolate, chips and bread. We had a purpose and we were training too damn hard to eat whatever the hell our emotions demanded at the time.

Week three, training was one of the highlights of our day. It set the tone right and I noticed feeling way more energetic all day. Gone were snoozy siestas, replaced with an innate desire to shake up my world and make some changes. I started singing around the house a lot more, which although annoying to others, is a good indicator that mojo is in full swing. We were also paying more attention to how we presented ourselves. We were losing weight and getting toned and taking much more pride in our appearance. Even if we were house bound for the day, we took the time to made sure we looked ready to head out the door in style. Oh and did I mention the aesthetics? Legs, booty and abs were looking tip top. I felt ripped and looked more fit than when I was going to the gym four times a week over a long period.

Week four? Smashing it. We were upping our game and training much more than needed, going for hikes and even doing a sit-up fitness test to see how good we were. We managed to score in the ‘very fit’ category- hell yeah. My brain was working overtime in regards to ideas and how to improve my life. My procrastination gene was fading into oblivion. I started to have some incredibly amazing breakthroughs and it’s definitely thanks to the mindset you adopt once you start getting fit.

Fitness activates your hunger for success and gives you the confidence boost to actually give some well deserved credit to your ideas; taking them from fantasy to reality. You feel restless with the thought of just sitting there and thinking about stuff, you want to get up and make shit happen; pronto! It’s this enthusiasm that can be the difference between make or break.

When exercise is flowing in your life, your body naturally starts to crave healthy food rich in vitamins, antioxidants and general goodness. You make beneficial food decisions and your body rewards you as you feel better, stronger, harder, faster as Daft Punk once said.

So choose to be alert, ready, focused and determined to change things up. As the famous quote goes:

”A year ago, you will have wished you started today.”




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