Tote Life: This African Design by Indalo Stands Out

There’s a thin line between cool and pretentious and this tote sits confidently in the cool.

In a city filled with grey pigeons, there’s always that one rogue white, dove-like variety that stands out and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the scavengers. This bag is it.


No longer does a black leather briefcase cut it anymore. Times are changing and if you don’t move with them, then prepare for that other candidate with a touch more je ne sais quoi to sail past you in the fast lane. You need to be a cut above the rest.

Using a mix of plywood and leather, the designer Indalo by Inga brings the modern spirit of Africa to life with this quirky limited-run bag.

To purchase, visit ITOPUA which sells premium made-in-Africa products from only select designers and craftsmen.



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