The New Gadget You Need In Your Life


Check out these bad boys, the Bose SoundLink, Bluetooth headphones  that make you feel as if your ears are enveloped in silk.

Too many times we get stuck on business calls that go well over an hour. With hot, sweaty ears (it ain’t pretty) and a rapidly depleting battery life; it’s easy to recognise the need for a better way.

Time to lose the mobile and get a new gadget in your life that you legitimately need. The quality feel and design of this product is undeniable. The team at Bose have taken their time to create a very slick product, which looks elegant and feels incredible. Providing crisp audio whilst you take business calls, and excellent base if you tune into music while you go for a morning run; they definitely don’t disappoint.

bose front on000000000000063879_details_side_pt_tcm6-93311Bose case

With little luxuries added in such as automatic volume adjustment as the noise around you changes, these headphones are very intuitive. The battery life is up to 15 hours, and a quick 15 minute charge will give you an impressive two hour boost which is perfect when you don’t have time to recharge sufficiently. Bose describes the headphones as ‘soft cushions, cradling your ears,’ which is oh so accurate. Trust us, you need to try them. Retailing at £219.95 they are worth every penny. Believe the hype.

Bose Headphones LEAD image

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